Unable to Add Custom Web Radio Station

Attempting to add a Web Radio station, but when I do, I get a failure to decode message. Here are the two URLs I am using on the properties with no luck…
-This one is the URL from where the online web browser player is located…

-And here is the URL for the main page of the radio station. Neither URL works and give me a failure to decode message…

Thanks. Jim

You were trying to add a web page URL. What you need to add is the stream URL.

By the way, I got a login prompt when I clicked the play button on the web page. Maybe it’s a regional restriction, but here’s the stream URL I got from the page:


I can’t verify if it will work because of the login prompt.

That’s awesome - it worked! Thank you so much. Just so I’m not posting here all the time, how did you find the Stream URL? Is it an F12 thing?

You are on the right track with F12.

  1. So you get to this page and press F12:

  1. Select the ‘Console’ tab and enter this:



There’s the stream URL :point_up_2:

Very Cool, thanks!

I’m guessing there are variations between different sites? I tried your method on this site and it gave me an error
AmperWave Player


Given the webpage of this station is:


Go to:


Look for this:

audio*** are the stream URLs, with audioHls being the one you should add. You can copy-and-paste by right-clicking on the link and choose ‘Copy link’. In this case, the stream URL is:


Thanks again!