ULTRA LOUD White noise with quobuz 24 bits

Hi guys,

I’ve got a big issue with 24 bits playback on Quobuz.
I’v got a really loud white noise when I’m playing with quality more than lossless.
Almost loose an ear.
Seems to be all 24 bits songs causing the problem.

Have you got any idea to deal with this?

My configuration is a Raspberry Pi3B+, Allo Dac Piano 2.1 and Kali Reclocker.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

PS : Excuse my english if there ara some mistakes.

maybe resampling to 32 bit will help.
under playback options, audio resampling.


OK thanks for the trick!
I going to try it as soon as possible.
I will tell you if it’s working.


The solution you proposed Michel seems to work.
Thanks a lot.

Even if a fix for this bug could be very nice.

as far as i know the problem is not the software but the kali reclocker.

nice that it works.

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