Ultimate DAC isolator

Hi guys!

We just want to share with you a module we recently released.
Since we all know that RPi dont have the cleanest ground plane and not the best I2S output we have focused on them. Theese two points are essential for a good setup.

The module is small and can be used with any I2S DAC available for RPi as a “middle card”. It can be mounted on top or bottom of the RPi before the DAC module.
We also decided to add a master clock output to really give the user the ability to use almost any available DAC (having in mind that 99% of all DAC chips needs a master clock which the RPi is missing).

It gives you theese features:
*GND isolation
*I2S isolation
*I2S reclock
*Master clock output
*Isolated 3.3VDC
*isolated 5VDC

More info: http://g2labs.org/2014/06/04/isolate-your-raspberry-pi/
User manual: http://shop.g2labs.org/index.php?controller=attachment&id_attachment=7

Looks like a great product in principle, but it would make my pi with Wolfson card a bit ‘top’ heavy. Also I think that the price is defeating the idea of building a ‘low value - high quality’ device. The pi is around EUR 35,- and the wolfson card as well… why would a simple isolator (with what effect - I have no hiss or pops in my current setup) costs EUR 100,-?

very good idea but it seems to be a mistake in the price :blush:

Will there be a version for Pi B+?