UI volunio is not very accessible to screen reader users


Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 3.6
Hardware: raspberry pi 3b+
DAC: headphone jack

Debug Log

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Use volumio ui with screen reader on windows, ios and android
  2. Try navigate the ui with the screen reader.

Additional Information

As a blind user I use program called screen reader to use computers and mobile devices. They tell me what they find on the screen such text, buttons, checkboxes, editboxes and more. It’s depending on the work the developer have done how accessible a program or website is. I found volumio to be not very accessible at the moment.I used the screen reader Jaws for windows, talkback on android and voice over on ios.
The problem is the controls in the ui have no labels on them that screen readers can read. For the buttons for example it only says “button” but no more information. The same for checboxes.
Is it possible to make volumio more accessible by adding the missing lables and other things that can help to navigate the ui.
Best regards

Hi Tony,

Thanks for your posting.
I am one of the moderators for this forum.
I’ve downloaded the 40 minutes trail of Jaws and played around with it, to get some basic understanding of the program.
I have to admit that I am walking into a world that I am not familiar with.
If I tab through the Volumio interface via the web browser, Jaws tells me what the button does, but looking at your post, this is not enough.

Could you give us some insights/ideas on how Volumio could make the GUI more accessible for visually impaired people. So we have an idea on the impact of such addition?


Hello and thank you for your time to download Jaws and try it.
I try to explain little more here.
When you tab between elements Jaws reads I think the tooltips for the items. And I think that because the application recognize that you land on different objects when you tab around. If you use only the arrow keys for navigating the page or the different commands in Jaws to jump to different elements such as b for next button and e for next editbox those tooltips never show up and jaws had to rely on the alt text or what it’s called today.
So when I arrow down there you have the buttons for add to playlist, add to favorites and inifinity play I get this information
 Button
 Button
󰚾 Button
 Button
Browse Button
As you can see here the only button that is correct here is the browse button.
I tried to find out more technical information about the difference between the browse button and the others but I found nothing that really makes a difference but there is something that makes just the browse button work correct.
On android using screen reader talkback I get the same result, that screen reader picks up the tooltips and reads them. On ios the screen reader voice over don’t do that so it says only button on those except for the browse button.
I hope that explains little more for you and the developer team.

I found this little tool that can help you in development of accessible webbapps and webbsites.

Best regards

Hi Tony,

Volumio will look into this, it has been added to their ToDo list. No ETA is given jet.

Hello Tony,

I am one of the developers working for Volumio. I wanted to inform you that we have started working on improving the accessibility of the Volumio interface. We recently released a new update with the first improvements to the main interface.
Let us know what you think and feel free to write to us if you have any further suggestions.

Best regards,

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Hi Stefania
I couldn’t find any newer version then from july 6 but I activated the developer setting and got the newest testversion.
And I am impressed! You done a nice job so far. All buttons on the landing page are now corectly spoken. Add to favorites, add to playlist, inifinty play and brows. Also the player controls now speaks correct and the zone select and settings button.
I tested in windows and on ios wich was the most problematic systems and that worked fine.
So I am looking forward to see more changes in the UI.
Thank you and let me know then there is something new to test.

Regards Tony

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Great to see this progress.
Well done @Stefania_Struzzi and thanks to @volumio to free up some valuable developer time.

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Hi Tony,

Thank you for your feedback! I would love to know from you what we could fix now to improve accessibility. Which part of Volumio would you find most useful to improve for now?

Keep the feedback coming and we’ll do our best to integrate it into Volumio.

Best regards,

Hello again.
Next area you can look into is the media browser. I haven’t tried it with my own media yet but in the radiostations library there are a few unlabled buttons for each station. I think they are to add to favorites and maybe play.
There are also in the top left a back button in most windows and that needs a lable to so it speaks correct.
The settings dialog have some minor issues but for now the browser have higher priority in my opinion.
Best regards Tony

Hi Tony,

Thank you for your suggestions! I will add these points to the to-do list for upcoming improvements.
I will keep you updated as soon as a version for testing is released!

Thanks for now!

Best regards,