UI Bug or Feature Playback Modes

Latest Volumio on a Pi 3B. No fresh Install. Only Updates since Volumio 2.

A Question for the UI Behavior.
I see no difference between the Playback Modes Single and Continuous.
Adding a Song to the Queue via the 3 Point Menue “Play” only adds this Song to the Queue in both Modes.
Clicking direct on the Song, always adds all Songs in the Folder to the Queue, no Difference between the Playback Modes.
In Single Mode I would expect, only this one Song I clicked on, would be add to the Queue and played. And not the whole Album.
I would expect this behavior only in Continuous Mode.
For adding single Songs to a Queue or Playlist, I always have to use the 3 Point Menu. And there is the next glitch in the UI. The Pop Up Window did not disappear after choosing a Function.
(Play, Add to Queue, etc…) It stays open instead of closing. On a PC, I can use the ESC-Key to close this Pop Up Window, but on a Android Tablet? How to close this Pop Up Window? So the Menu Window blocks some Songs beneath the selected Song.


Hi Heinz-Juergen,

in Continuous Mode …
when click on playsymbol, only the title is added to the queue (example withe arrow with #1)
when clich on cover, all titles of the album are added, start playing with the title clicked on (example withe arrow with #2)

may this help you

Did not work for me. In both modes, always all Songs are added to the Queue. No difference if I use the Play Symbol or Album Cover. I ordered a new Pi 4 for some other reasons and will do a clean Install on it. Maybe it’s a Hick up with my old Installation.


I have the same problem. Volumio 2.806. I have list mode selected and clicking a single item in list adds all items to playback queue. Clicking play symbol or title makes no difference.

I have a pi 3b+ and did a fresh install of Volumio about a month ago and have applied all updates since then.

Ah nice, I wanted to open a new topic for this problem, but now I see that I am not alone! :grinning:
I don’t like this “add everything in the folder” option. I would have it as it was before: Clicking on a song should only add THIS song and not all.
For me this option should be default, because for me it makes no sense to add ALL songs. If i click on a specific song i like to hear only this song and no other in this album.
Of course you can make the behavour select able in the settings, bit please make single mode as default option.
Edit: And yes, this option in the settings makes no change. It looks like it is a UI bug.

No Update? Please fix it. :wink:

It has just been fixed. See:

Thank you! :sunglasses: