I’m planning to get quad core Udoo…
is volumio compatible with sATA drives on Udoo??


Yes! And Udoo is definetely suggested…

awesome :slight_smile:
I will get one soon.
Still fighting with Raspberry Pi + Volumio (it’s on troubleshooting thread “Horrible (…)”)


Get the quad version… If you also like arduino you can make pretty everything with that board…
Plan to make some custom controls with knobs and stuff like that…

I WILL :slight_smile:


The only “bad” thing about Udoo is integrated wi-fi’s range… Just 2 rooms away and looses its connection… But there’s a diy mod on that I’m going to explain soon…

actually I don’t need WiFi,
less is better :slight_smile:!

Is there anyway to disable it?

I will get back to you when I order it.