UDOO: SPDIF out with coaxial cable to DAC


recently I bought an UDOO Quad and installed volumio. after some troubles with the mounting of NAS it works fine:
usb to dac - good sound !

now I’m trying to connect my DAC via SPDIF out with coaxial cable without success.
please give me some hints how to do this - which pins are to connect to the coax-cable and what software-settings are to do?

thanks for the help!

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I’m also very intrested to get SPDIF out from Udoo. I just ordered an Udoo quad and will use it with an external DAC via USB (and if possible SPDIF as well)

Which SPDIF HW are you trying to connect to your Udoo? Where did you buy it?

hi stefano,
my intent for now is to directly connect my old musicfidelity vdac to udoo via spdif coax cable.
i tried gpio19 on pin44 with ground for shelter as shown in the udoo-pinout-diagram.pdf, but this didn’t work.
i guess i won’t need any extra spdif-hw for this, do i?


I’m really a rookie in Udoo/Linux world…and cannot help you …

However, I just took 10 mins to look at the Udoo pinout diagram on their website
udoo.org/download/files/pinout/U … iagram.pdf

Why are you taking gpio19? shouldn’t D44>GPIO101>SPDIF OUT the right one?

…and I guess together with Gnd and 5v signal pins…?

But again…I might be totally wrong…would be really nice to get some help from other forumers!


thanks you’re right, my mistake. i’m also at the very beginning of deeper understandig of udoo/linux.
i meant gpio101 instead of gpio19: gpio101 (pin44) with ground doesn’t work.
i also don’t know which audio output would be to choose for s/pdif coax. in my webgui-mpd-configuration i have only 3 options vtxxx (analog chinch), imxhdmi and dac (usb to dac).

next it is not clear if there are any changes to set in /sys/class/gpio/ etc.
e.g. the direction of gpio101 is “in”, i would expect out.

now i’ve been searching the web for many days without getting clear information, what to do.
i hope in future there will be a better dokumentation and some how-to’s on udoo or volumio hp.



Has anybody get UDOO to work with SPDIF out so far?

I came across this post on UDOO forum: http://www.udoo.org/forum/post10502.html#p10502

It appears that to get the pin out’s to work the kernel have to be modified and recompiled.

Has anybody tried this?