Two USB harddrives attached

Hi there.

Trying to set up a stand alone player. I have worked out why volumio can act as a wifi access point and concede its genius!

However I have attached two harddrives this is to an x86 system. But volumio only scans the first drive, not the second.

I found a post on this from like 4 years ago, is this still a thing, i.e. only one usb drive can be attached?

If so what about if I attach via SATA cable?


OK so I guess that is not possible.

So I have instead added a second harddrive via SATA.

When I goto the volumio via file explorer I have ‘internal storage’, ‘NAS’ and ‘USB’

Will any of these infact be using the attached drive I have put in there?

If not how can I make it use that internal storage?

It would be a mega shame to allow volumio to be used as stand alone player but then it be hobbled in this way?


I too would be very interested in being able to use a send hard drive too, I have a spare 250GB USB SATA drive that I’d like to make use of.

I need to get this sorted. So I have given up on having a spare drive. My genius idea this time is to have just the one 3tb drive, install volumio to it, presumably it uses the rest for storage, happy days.

‘Install to disk failed, cannot prepare system for resize’


The router I use had a usb Porto hadn’t noticed before, reading the manual it seems I can connects usb hard drive and act as a NAS, maybe I could combine this NAS’ with usb hard drive?

You would be better starting a new post your problem is not the same as mine.