Two questions. Moving files and "now playing" on LCD

First question.

Im trying to make a rwid card reader setup, but I’m not able to move my files to it with my ssh client because it isnt able to ask for root access when moving files. Which ssh client would be good for my purpose? Any way to get super access to the pi so I wont have to promote it before the file transfer? I’m using the volumio:volumio root user.

edit: moving files is now fixed. first, install vim editor. Then type cd /etc/ssh/ and then vim sshd_config

go to enablerootlogin and change from no to yes. Now you can log in with root :slight_smile:

Question 2:

Is there a way to show “Now playing” on the hdmi output? I deattached an lcd from an old computer, and reallyw ant to make a pictureframe out of it with the rwid reader behind, so I can scan the card over “Now playing” and it will change song and display what’s playing. :slight_smile:


To people wondering about the lcd thing. I havnt tried it yet, but I found this and it seams reasonable:

Shoutout to user djoulle

edit: Not working :confused: