Two Pi 3 using Volumio, Database Problem

I’m using two rasperry 3b+ using Volumio 3.233, both get their data from a SSD attached two my fritzbox.

(3b+, hifiberry dac pro +, 7" display, plugins: gpio buttons, now playing, touch display, system information)

(3b+, hifiberry dac plus, plugins: system information)

When using the first one everything is fine.

Now using the second one it’s got a problem with the database, red error. I need to actualize the database which happens really fast, it needs only a couple of seconds. But I need to do press the ‘actualize’ button in ‘sources’.

When I change to the first rasperry back, the same happens again.

Only using one of them there are no problems.

Interesting that my initial post has a completely wrong date since it is from 2022.

How do you mean 19th of Juli is this year.

I have a very similar setup, but don’t get this problem. In the the network drive settings do you have file share type set to ‘cifs’? Do you have anything in the options field?

Yes, I’ve got cifs and vers=3.0 in the options field.

Since last week always a error appears, doesn’t make a difference if the second pi was used or not.

A friend of of mine told me to create a second user only having the right to read.

I’m annoyed of these networkproblems using ssd direct at my fritzbox and took the ssd now direct to the pi, bought a second one. Unfortunately I have to copy files now twice.