Two operational, the other network security

Hello, I have two items for the forum.

#1 - Is there a way to identify a radio channel that is being played and tag it for future reference? When a radio channel is playing, there is no indication of the channel name or identifier. If I wanted to listen to it again in the future, I don’t know what the name of it is or how to find it again.

#2 - Norton is blocking this website saying it’s known for phishing. Is this a real threat?

Thank you

#1. To be honest I fully miss the part that’s unclear. If you play a webradio I guess all is there?

You can add it to your favorites, by clicking on the :heart:. And re-open it via favorites.

#2. Norton… false positive. Site is secure.

Interesting, I don’t get a radio station indication. I do get information on the song that is being played but nothing about the station. Is there a way to mark a given station as “favorite”?

You can add it to your favorites, by clicking on the :heart:. And re-open it via favorites.

When I click on the heart shape, it simply marks the song currently playing as a favorite. It doesn’t mark the radio station.

It should show up under Radio favorites

And you can change the title if needed:

I’m sorry, you just went way over my head. I did manage to build a “sound station” by using a RPi3, an audio board and a RPi touch screen. But, I haven’t into it as deeply as you’re showing here.

When I click the heart symbol, I get a pop-up message in the upper right that says that it is adding the song being played to my favorites. It does not seem to make the station a favorite.

Here is the list that is created when I select the heart symbol. This is in the folder called “Favorite Radios”. It seems to be tagging the song rather than the station. I hope this make sense.


See my previous message, you can rename the title to correspond with the radio station name.

I know what you mean. I find the radio part a little annoying too. I don’t know why, but sometimes it shows the station in the favorites list, sometimes the song.
I prefer to browse the internet and add stations by hand (i’m not near my Volumio so i can’t show you what I mean, i’ll do it later)

I thank you very much. I would like to be able to correct this. Thank you all for taking the time to read and respond.