Two issues with v2.0 and RPi2


I’ve got Volumio 2.0 (System 0.976) on my RPi2 and everything seems to be working properly. Two problems though:

  1. In previous versions, there was a library tab that allowed me to view my library by album. The only option I seem to have now is a list view of the drive with my music, and that’s a folder list by artist. Is there a setting I missed somewhere to allow an album view tab? I’ve been through the settings menu multiple times looking but have found nothing.

2)I can find no place to turn Airplay on, and Volumio is not showing up in my Airplay list (on my iPhone, for example). I’m not sure where that setting is supposed to be, but I can’t find it either after multiple searches in settings.

I’m on a mac accessing the WebUI via Chrome. Same thing happens in Safari as well.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Library view has been requested already and will be added in the future. As will additional sorting options.

Not sure about the Airplay issue.