Two DACs on one RasberryPi3

Dear All,

Is it possible to play contemporary to two or more UBS devices using one RasberryPi3 ?

Also I could not find any tutorial on how to configure the multiroom.



Hello Davide,
I once had connected a Topping D10s and an iFi ZEN DAC V2 both to a Pi3.
You have to switch in the settings > playback to the DAC you want to play with. Once you did save & restart.
Worked so far, but there were interferences and ditches I guess due to the USB bus from the Pi3.
Once I changed to a Pi4 everything is fine.
So, it works with a Pi3, but for sound quality I would prefer a Pi4.
For your multiroom question I have no answer. I don’t use it.
Regards from Germany!

I actually was trying to play on both DACs at the same time.


I see no way :wink:

One possibility is to use a USB to SPDIF converter, for example:

It has USB audio input, and digital audio coax and Toslink outputs. Connect one of your DACs to Toslink and the other DAC to coax, or connect both DACs to coax with a Y-cable splitter. This particular unit also has a DAC and analog output (ignore if you don’t need it).

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