TuneIn plugin (solved)

Good morning,
Ik have tried many times to get the TuneIn plugin to work on my Raspberry Pi with Volumio.
I did ofcourse install the plugin and thats gave no errors.

But when i go to the webradio i cant find it at all. I do find Dirble And Shoutcast and things like that but te stations i want just dont work.
For this i have tried older versions of Volumio als wel as the newest. But it just doesnt appear.

So i would love to get TuneIn working, but how?

Best bet would be to find the developer, and message him/her. Only help I can offer I’m afraid.

Strange this plugin works great.
But on the home page there is TuneIn icon next to the webradio icon.

ps: maybe you forget to turn on the TuneIn plugin at the installed plugin page.

Well i have tried tis so many times over months… I finally posted this question and at the same day i foud it.
Had to eneble the plugin in the installed plugin section.
Works like a charm now!

I really do love Volumio more and more… (and my raspberry ofcourse)