TuneBlade similar for Android

I use TuneBlade on my PC to send the sound of a web page in Chrome to Volumio via AirPlay.
I can not find any Android app that sends the sound of a Chrome tab or a particular app to Volumio.
Is there something like that?


You just need an Android app that can work with Airplay, just like TuneBlade does for Windows. There are a few apps, check this list: drfone.wondershare.com/airplay/ … -apps.html

I have not tried any of these myself though. A few years back these apps still required rooting your phone. I see some (paid) alternatives in the list that do no require this anymore. It’s worth a try!

Yes, I know them, but none of them allows me to send the sound generated by an app or a Chrome tab. I do not want to root my mobile either.