Trying to set up Volumio and pi 3B+ - screen reader/ blind user

I am a screen reader/blind user. I recently acquired a raspberry pi 3B+ as I’m trying to use it as a music streamer with Volumio. This is all new to me. I have already downloaded Volumio OS and Itcher to flush/mount.
Considering that I am blind, I have only connected my Ethernet, keyboard and headphones to the pi. What is the next step? How do I enable the screen reader to get things going?
I read that I simply need to insert the SD card and that it will load the files and then I will be prompted for a username and password, but I need a screen reader to operate the Pi.
I have tried pressing windows key plus alt plus S as I read that will enable the screen reader, but not sure if that is applicable to Volumio OS?
FWIW, I will be managing Volumio via the Volumio app on iPhone. Please .help!

Wow, this a real biggie. Perhaps to get things going, could you explain how a “screen reader” works in allowing you to interact with your computer generally. Have you used it with Linux at all (wondering about the availability of software), MacOS, Windows?

Edit: I’m going away to have a read of 10 Free Screen Readers For Blind Or Visually Impaired Users - Usability Geek

Edit2: first thoughts might be to get Volumio set up (?), and then have voice commands perhaps via Alexa … not sure of the state of play of the Alexa app. Voice commands to the REST API??

Hi chsims1](Profile - chsims1 - Volumio)
I primarly use Windows 10 with a software by the name of JAWS screen reader for Windows to access the computer. I do not use a mouse, keyboard only. Therefore, I use keys like tab and other keyboard shortcuts to navigate the screen. Whatever the cursor is on will be read as I navigate with arrow keys/ commands.
I have never used Linux. I purchased the Raspberry Pi 3B+ specificly for the music streamer purposes to enjoy Volumio features with the use of my iPhone via volumio app. On iPhone, I use the VoiceOver screen reader that is integrated on iOS devices. Screen reader is not to be confused with personal assistants like Siri, Cortana Alexa as those are hands-free voice assistants.
I have read that other blind people are using Raspberry Pi with screen readers like Orca and others, but I cannot find material on those for the use with Volumio.
With that said, thus far, I have installed/ mounted Volumio OS onto the micro sd card and have inserted it onto the Raspberry Pi 3B+, but I do not know what to do from here as I have no expirience with Pi/ Linux.
Last resort if all fails, I would be able to connect a monitor/tv to it and have someone sighted help me, but the geek in me wants to be able to learn this and do it independently. My hopes were to obtain some guidance from you guys as I am lost. Thanks
Edit 1: What do you mean by “get Volumio set up”

So if you have a browser running, what would your reader say when you access a web page?

Your RPi now should have the Volumio GUI running at http://volumio.local. Does your reader give you any feedback from that page?

“Get Volumio set up” … it sounds as though you have done that already.

Per the instructions that I was following, I tried doing that earlier. I tried it again and no-go.
FWIW, Laptop is connected via Wi-FI - Raspberry Pi via Ethernet. UsingUsing Chrome on Windows I get:

This site can’t be reached

Check if there is a typo in volumio.local.

  • If spelling is correct, [try running Windows Network Diagnostics](javascript:diagnoseErrors()).

Using Safari on iPhone I cannot access the link either.
I do have the Volumio app on iPhone and upon opening it, it shows that it is searching, but nothing appears. I also tried to go to the settings of the app and it is asking for an IP and I do not know which IP to input.That is if that is even an option at this point.

use ip instead… last . should not be there so volumio.local
do not use https: but http://volumio.local
you could try using a network tool to scan of local ip’s

OK, so first thing you need to do is find if Volumio is running and at what IP address. If you have only a wifi connection, then you will need to look for the Volumio hotspot wifi on your laptop, and connect with password ‘volumio2’ Now I have no idea how that will appear to you with your screen reader. After that you should be able to connect to the Volumio UI at volumio.local or

not-sure how to do this.
Again, Pi is connected via ethernet and laptop via wifi.
I went to my Windows PC wifi list and there was no volumio option there nor on the iPhone wifi list.
I checked my router clients list and there is alot of devices but nothing that is listed as Raspberry Pi…

I am really stuck now… :frowning:
use this on your windows machine it will show what is in your network.
but in your router you should find it too.
just try to load the ip’s in your browser if you see volumio you got the right one…

Hi all,
update: It turned out to be a faulty SD card. I wish I had tried another SD card before creating this thread, but oh well. I appreciate your guys’ support.

Volumio app for iPhone can definitly use some accessibility improvements as there are many buttons that are unlabled which affect user experience. Please consider sending this to Volumio iPhone app developers.

Since you have a working connection to you Volumio Pi you can check the network settings to find the ip.
Then you can use a web browser from your pc/mac/phone that interface might work better for you.

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volumio.local in any browser (most of the times it works) it should be http:// and not https://
settings and then network