Trying to bring new life to an old Apple TV 1st gen


my name is Christoph.

After moving house I found my old Apple TV again. I would like to set it up as both a music player (in one room) and a music server (for the rest of the house). The idea is to connect it to a TV in my study and play songs locally. And to use it to serve my music to the other TV in the living room and to my Phone, using DLNA.

Last week I installed OpenELEC/Kodi (by which does all these things. Only I don’t like its way of handling the data (tagging, scraping and so on). Volumio is much easier: You drop your music into a folder – that’s it.

I replaced Kodi and installed Volumio 2.411successfully on the internal HD of my Apple TV using this guide on the forum: volumio-411-appletv-1st-generation-t8057.html

Here’s what I found works and does not work – a comparison of KODI and Volumio:

                     Volumio        Kodi
1) DLNA server       no             yes
2) Bonjour           no             yes
3) films, pictures   no             yes
4) audio thru HDMI   no             yes
5) GUI thru HDMI     no             yes
6) Samba server      yes            yes
7) Auto indexing     yes            no
8) Updates           no             no
9) infrared remote   no             no

From what I’ve read on the forum # 1, 2, 4 and 5 should work. I would appreciate any hints, documentation or help.

3 and # 8 are not important to me, though it would be nice …

I have tried to install minidlna through apt-get, but I got a bunch of errors. If you’re interested I can send you the log.

My aim is to get the old Apple TV up and running just like with KODI, only cooler. I have limited knowledge in Linux but am willing to learn and quite able to understand programs and scripts as long as they have a minimum of comments in them.


Hi folks,

sorry, but I went back to OSMC/Kodi. All the things I wanted from Volumio already work on OSMC right out of the box. I even got the IR working.

Keep smiling,

Hi Christoph, @vendredi

My appleTV HD crashed and I am searching for that Volumio 2.411 image file so I can install it again with no luck. Would you still have it to share by chance?

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