Trouble with Wifi connection...

I have successfully configured volumio using a wired ethernet connected to the router of my Freebox and using VolumioUE, I have configurated the wifi connection with a local IP address (192.168.1.XX, The same IP address is declared as static in the box using the IDE identifier. When I disconect the wire link and I reboot, I cannot acces to the UE interface from volumio.local or 192.168.1.XX… However, I can ping volumio@volumio.local from a terminal in my Mac. What is it wrong?

All ideas and tests for checking the wifi link are wellcome!

SOLVED! If you want to assign a static IP to the wifi of Volumio, you must declare it via the graphic interface of your box (Freebox for me) and do not fill the corresponding fields via the VolumioUE graphic interface. (Network configuration). It sounds like there is a conflict between the two declarations.