Trouble deleting music I don't want

Hi, I am having trouble keeping deleted music off the volumio app. Every time I start it up the music is sitting in recycle.bin on my phone app. I read that you need to VIEW > Options > Change Folder and Search Options (under view deselect “hide protected operating system files”). After this action I saw music was still in my PC’s recycle bin but when I put the drive back into the Volumio device it was still there.
Do I need to plug this drive into a Raspbian OS to fully delete them there? Somehow it seems Volumio keeps restoring those files automatically?
My SSD is a SanDisk portable drive. Volumio is V2 I think

Please upgrade to Volumio V3.512, as V2 is no longer supported.
Did you delete the hidden files and perform a rescan?

Yes I performed a rescan, my setup relies on using an older version so I can’t update yet

Thanks I must have missed some folders, I went through the steps again and got it removed!