Trouble adding a radio station. Please help!

I’m using an icecast server. I’ve downloaded the .m3u file from the admin page, then transferred it to the web radio folder on the raspberry pi. it appears on the list of radio stations, but when i try and get it to play it doesn’t work.

Any ideas?

i’m able to stream the show on winamp, btw, so i know the stream is working

Please take a look here: add-m3u-radio-station-t3886.html

Okay thanks. I’m very new to all of this. When they person says this:

"I get my m3u files to work by ssh to volumio change to the correct folder and then

nano radio.m3u

and just paste the link (url) add additional enter’s and save the file."

That’s navigating to the web radio folder where I’ve copied the .m3u, then editing the file using the nano command (?)…but I don’t understand what he means by ‘just paste the link URL’? Which URL? server IP address:mount port ?

Sorry if this is a silly question.

Most Webradio stations use a url for streaming like … mp3_96kbps
You paste this url into the file you created with nano and press enter for a few new lines in the end. Then save the file.

And how to add my old version 1.55 in the new volumio2

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I have no idea which url I’m supposed to paste in to the folder. I’ve tried one, and it hasn’t worked. Any idea how I find which url is the right one?

Also it’s now saying whenever I try and edit the .m3u file, whenever I try and save it, that: “Error writing live.m3u: Permission denied”

edit: ah, solved that…i used sudo nano


I asked almost the same question a couple of days back. add-radio-station-t3883.html

Maybe it helps a little. I assume you have started a ssh connection with your Raspi. Now type

ls /var/lib/mpd/music/WEBRADIO

Here you get a list of all radio stations that came with the installation as default.

cd  /var/lib/mpd/music/WEBRADIO

Now you are in this directory, choose several of the station files and open them with nano one at a time. Do not change anything just have a look. You get a picture of a starter for a station, some are special but you will see the standard.

I copied one of them to a different name. (If you are not familiar with Linux the command is mv). Then I opened the copy with nano and edited the
existing Title (name of station) and the URL. After saving I rebooted and found this station in the browser of the main screen, started it with Add and Play and it worked perfect.

As Mobey Duck told you the URL is not the m3u file but something like streamXXXXX

I got this URL from the website of the radio station I wanted to add. Funny, they had an m3u file that I clicked on to get the wanted URL. Don’t ask me if this works on your station(s) or if they have other ways to distribute it.

I hope this info helps a little. Don’t give up Volumio is absolutely worth trying.