Transfer radio stations

How can I transfer stored radio stations from one RPI to another (without Linux maybe pls!!) ??

Download and use “WinSCP” , perfect for transfering files between your Rpi and Pc
the map /data/favourites contains your radio channels

If not done , activate SSH!

Hi Berry,

You also can install the “Backup & Restore Data” plugin and select only “Favourites” - then backup.

You will then find a file “volumio_data.tgz” if you open your Windows Explorer and connect to:

“\volumio.local\Internal Storage” copy that to a save place and then to the other Volumio device

There - also install the “Backup & Restore Data” plugin and do a restore.

Note: This will replace the radio stations that may be have been configured before on that device !

I assume that you’re using MyVolumo, since you’re writing in MyVolumio Talks.

With MyVolumio that gets super simple to have your webradios, favourites webradios on all your Devices:
when you add a new webradio or new favourite webradio they will automatically sync on all your devices (and you will find them also on new devices that you set up with the same account).

Of course, the backup file, this is it!!! Thanks!!!

Oooops, sorry, no, I am under regular Volumio OS!