Transfer files into a big internal SD card

Hi all.
I’m configuring a volumio server on a rasp 3 for my mother, but I need to tranfer all files she has into the SD card.
So, I bought A 128Gb SD card and I installed Volumio.
All works fine but I don’t know where stranfer files…And, do I need to expand partition to have access to the entirety space of the SD card?

At first boot volumio expands partition. So nothing to do. Once volumio is booted, you can access a folder /Internal from a PC on the same network and copy your files here

Ok, good news for space.
But with ubuntu, I never seen a folder /internal… stange.
can I drop directly into a folder in any partition?

From the file explorer in Ubuntu, click on “autres emplacements” (Your are french if I remember :slight_smile: ) enter the ip adress and connect. No password by defaut

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Yes, I’m french! :wink:
Really sorry, I just never searched on shares…I thinked I could drag and drop files directly into the sd card to increase transfer rates.
Is it possible?
If not, no pb! but I’ve to transfer 60Go…