Tracks skipping in mid song on Qobuz

For the last two days (Friday and Saturday) I have had songs cut short in Volumio with Qobuz. It’s like the files are somehow truncated. It happens on one or two tracks every album. I’m guessing this is a Qobuz problem but wanted to leave it here in case someone knows what is going on. Thanks.

I am having the same problem with two different streamers, so it is not hardware related. Very annoying.

Are those streamers both running Volumio?

I’m having the same problem, this is with a Minidsp SHD Studio with all the latest updates(Volumio 1.048). Sometimes i can listen to an album fine other times it skips multiple song during and album, usually after a couple of minutes. It’s very frustrating. Sometimes Volumio crashes when i expected a skipped song. Maybe the hardware is defective i don’t know.
I tried to get in with ssh to look at some log files but the default password has been changed looks like. I have maxed out the audiobuffers for now see if that does anything…

I only use Qobuz btw.

So it’s not just me. Sometimes song skips with a minute or two left in the song. It skips to the next one. Sometimes when playing Qobuz, and sometimes when playing off a local media server.

Are those tracks already added to the queue? If yes, try to clear the queue before playing again.
Let us know

I’m having this problem today. If it’s a Qobuz network problem, then I’m probably not alone. Does this happen on the regular? I just cancelled Tidal to commit to Qobuz/Volumio for my high res solution…

I do have it sometimes.
rPi4-8GB, ETH0.
Sometimes songs are truncated before the end, at aprox. 80%

This happens on both tidal and qobuz from my experience(perhaps the issue is in the shared code? And not qobuz specific), have not found a way to reliable reproduce it yet thought, sometimes it works sometimes it skips to next song from middle of another multiple times in a row.

I can reproduce it 100% of the time. Put a song on a pause and go away for a while (to eat or to attend a meeting). When you come back, unpause the song and observe the song skipping happening.

I guess that’s normal.
The Qobuz track ID expired after a few minutes. These are only valid for a certain time and the track must then be requested again.
There has been this discussion on this topic before. I didn’t know that before either.

There is a change you might be on to something. I tried to play thought the first track of Dream Theater’s album called “A Change of Seasons”. The first track is 23 minutes long. Sure enough, the the skipping happens a few minutes into the 23min song.

A good possible cause is mentioned here: Qobuz streaming song skipping
Pausing a song causes the internet connection socket to be unused; Internet providers close sockets that have been unused for a while.
Then after unpausing, the software doesn’t pick up that the connection has closed on the other side and therefore keeps skipping songs.