Tracks on NAS appear multiple times in Mpad

Hello good people of the Volumio community!

I have been happily using Volumio for quite some time with my music stored on a usb drive plugged directly into my Raspberry Pi B+. I usually control playback via Mpad on my iPad. Everything worked great. Yesterday, I switched to using a simple WD NAS drive to store my music. After the database update all of my music appears normally when I browse the NAS drive within the Volumio interface. However, when I try to use Mpad every track appears 3 times. Every single one. I checked and there are no actual duplicates on the NAS drive, so I can’t figure out why it is displaying duplicate tracks. I am hoping I am overlooking a simple and stupid mistake I have made. Anybody have any ideas?

All of my music is stored in Apple Lossless as I find it easy to maintain correct metadata in iTunes using various Apple scripts.

Any help would be super appreciated. Again, this software rules, and I can’t believe the quality of experience that can be had through a combination of cheap hardware and free software.