Track no. sorting

I am new to Volumio.
When I connected to my NAS and add songs in the playlist, the songs in the album are in alphabetic order, but not according to its track-tag.
anyway to solve this ?


Are the track numbers properly set? By default it should sort on track number, like any decent player.
You can check this easily: under My Music in the settings there is an option to Show Track Numbers in the library.

Thanks .
Yes, I have turned the track no. option ON, however when seeing the NAS folder or album, the track no. is not shown and no correct sorting

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If no track number is shown, it most likely means that this metadata is missing; in other words, the track number is not correctly set in the files itself. MPD reads the tracks from the metadata (data about the song stored in the file itself), not from the filename.

To verify, can you access the NAS with another machine and open the properties of one of these files where the track number is missing? In the properties you should be able to see all metadata.

I have the same problem. If a use, for example, Vox on a Mac the order are ok. This, I suppose, means that the metadata are perfect.
Any solution?

Yeah this is definitely a real problem (not overly serious I know, but nonetheless…).

Track numbers are listed in the browse menu and the selection is in track number order, but once the selection goes into the queue, they are sorted on filename.

Surely this is trivial to fix?

I have the same problem too. My music has all the correct ID tags but my network connected music is displaying songs alphabetically rather than per track number. I have updated Music Library Settings to show the track numbers.

This is frustrating.

Have same problem when playing tracks from NAS. Files have the tracknumber in the tags, “Show track numbers” is on, and track are displayed with tracknumber as prefix. But the order is not on track number. See attachment 1. Filename order is on tracknumber, see attachment 2.

Track number isn’t the same as the filename though.
01 First Song.flac Goodband 01 Debutalbum
02 Second Song.flac Goodband 04 Debutalbum
03 Third Song.flac Goodband – Debutalbum
04 Fourth Song.flac Goodband 02 Debutalbum

That might result in the songs being listed as 01 First Song, 04 Fourth Song, 02 Second Song, 03 Third Song

Check that the Track (or Track #) tag is correct and matched your filename numbering.

Track no’s are correct in the tags, as displayed in Volumio. Perhaps remove the trackno prefix from the filename?

I have my files pretty much the same as you.
01 Song One.flac as the filename, then 01 as the Track number. I’m not having the sorting issue that you’re experiencing.

Maybe remove one album (that’s giving trouble on Volumio) by moving the files to a computer (or copy then delete).
Use a different tag editor to go through the files carefully and check that the numbering of tracks is consistent.
Things like consistent use of leading zero or not; 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12 or 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Things like track number being consistent with the filename (if numbering is used in the filename); 01 Song One.flac Track # 01

I’m on a PC and I’ve been using MP3Tag and it’s given me good results with relative ease. I had inconsistent tagging of Artist, Album, Track # and other things, it was messing up the display of artists and albums under Volumio.


I just started using Volumio, and have the same problem with my QNAP NAS TS-251. All songs on my NAS are shown in Volumio in alphabetical order. But I already had the same problem on my Android phone with all kind of media/network players. Even VLC.
Today I dug a little deeper in to this. I copied some albums from my NAS on an USB-Stick, and voilá, suddenly the order of the songs was correct! I then read some discussions in various forums (eg. and came to the following conclusion:
It is not a Volumio related problem, but a QNAP related problem. And this problem/bug (or is it a feature? :wink: ) is know since 2013!!! And as it seems QNAP does not bother about it.
This problem is really annoying and I think my next NAS will be from some other company.

Kind regards,

Same problem here: Metadata is correct, order is not. This was while the library was updating.

Volumio got the correct order after the library finished updating, however.

Works fine on my QNAP.

Sorry - I had to completely rewrite this post - interesting, when you start to explain the issue to some other person you actually get a better understanding.

For me it works fine when browsing my NAS servers folder structure. When adding the folder (album) to a playlist the sorting is preserved and showed correctly in Volumio.
When adding this playlist to the Queue the order is preserved and the queue is sorted according to the track #.

However, if I browse the NAS server and view a folder, track numbers are correctly shown in Volumio, but as soon as I add this folder directly to the Queue (without going via a Playlist) it “looses” the sorting.

This means that if I want to get the album tracks sorted correctly in the Queue I have to create a playlist for my album.

This is a bit tedious and unnecessary - but, ok, it works.

It would be nice if Volumio would preserve the track # order when adding the NAS folder directly to the Queue.

If you want to listen to e.g. Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd it is actually very nice to be able to listen to the album in the original track order as these tracks blend nicely into one another. In this case one must go via a Playlist (of course this is not the end of the world - however annoying).

If you add several albums to your Queue where each album has tracks numbered 1 - n, well then of course you get the tracks from different albums mixed.

But even this could be solved with a sort criteria like “Artist-Album-Track #”
It would really be nice to have this fixed as I really like my Volumio player. Well I like it also with this small quirk.

That was my 10 cents


I have just bumped in the problem of the file/track sorting issue: I have made a custom compilation mix folder, with specific audio files, from all kind of different artists. I have edited both all the track #'s and the file names to match the desired playback order (beginning like: 001-002-003-etc). But after browsing the folder or creating a playlist from it in Volumio, the track order is messed up in the case of some files… Like it’s ok from 1-10, but than track 11 is rather in the place of track 56 way down in the list, and etc… Volumio shows the track number correctly however, so it’s even more conspicuous, when looking at the list, that f.e. track 55 is followed by track 11. And in the list of almost 100 tracks I have many of these “misplaced” tracks in the play order/playlist of Volumio. How can I resolve this, or what could be here the problem, causing this mess up?

Thanks for the replies!

Edit: I don’t know much about how Volumio is working regarding witch metadata info it uses (beside of the track number, and the file name of course) to build up the track order (and it seems a rather kind of “mysterious thing” for many of us, I bet). So could I have some more exact information or guidance regarding this? F.e. can the Album info (name, year, and so on) in the mp3 tag data also influence this? (I also bet it could, but if it does, than in what particular concept?) (Oh, and of course I’m talking about mp3 files in this case).

I’m seeing the same issue. Stuff like this is honestly why I still refuse to sign up for a premium Volumio account. It seems like something like this should be so easy to fix, but it goes years without any attention.