Track displayed is not keeping up with track playing

Since my last post on this issue the problem seems to have got worse. It seems that about 50% or more of the time the track showing as playing is ‘stuck’ on a particular track with it,s album art while the tracks playing advance in the normal way and progress through the playlist.
It appears that the problem is worse at some times than others. I had thought that this may be album related but then I find that the same problem occurs sometimes if I have several radio stations in the play list and switch from one to the other.
I have just opened volumio.local/dev/ and had a look at the player state and this shows also that the incorrect info is showing for track playing when the wrong info. shows on the gui.
Update. I have just played complete album (Abba Gold) and got a different set of ‘stuck’ displayed tracks than when I played it about an hour ago. So the problem seems to be completely random.

Does anyone have any ideas or solutions for this problem

How are you playing? UPNP? USB drive? From volumio’s ui?

My issue is usb harddrive,been fine for months

I have my music library on a usb hard drive with it,s own power supply but the problem still occurs if I use a different drive or a usb key. It also is the same problem from time to time selecting between radio stations when I have several in my playlist.
Sometimes I use the user interface on my pc connected by lan to my home network, and sometimes I use the app on an Android phone - same problem.
The real difficulty to finding the source of the problem is that it seems to not follow a regular pattern. For instance, I left an album playing on repeat with repeat on all night last night. Looked at it this morning and it was showing the correct info. for the track playing. I stopped it playing a few minutes ago and restarted again. When the second track started playing the first frack info. remained on screen. Then third track started and correct info. displayed. And this is how it continues in a very random way.
If it was not for the radio stations having a problem also, I would be looking at the tagging etc. of my music perhaps being the problem.
If I have both gui on the pc and the android app. open at the same time, both show exactly the same at all times.


Update on the problem.
I am almost certain now that the problem is only evident when I am playing WAV albums, and as far as I have discovered so far it does not happen with my MP3 or FLAC albums or compilations. I have not had a chance to check this out 100% as I have around 1000 albums in the library but so far this is what it seems.
I have noticed also that the big green circle that shows the progress of the track playing remains blank and no time remaining is displayed, but only with this wrong track displayed issue.
If I hit any button - vol. up, vol. down. mute/unmute, pause/play etc, the problem clears and the correct track is shown as playing.
Does anyone else have any issues with WAV format?

I have pretty much 100% established that the problem only exists on my albums that are in WAV format. MP3 seems to be OK. Not sur or too concerned about the few FLAC albums that I have.
I have now made second copies of all of my WAV format albums and converted them to MP3 format. I now have my music library in three separate folders for the three formats and use mainly the MP3 format albums which all work without problem. From time to time I play albums from the WAV collection, and - there it is again, the wrong track displayed again.

This problem occurs when playing image + cue, the track name freezes. Rewind works only on the first track, on the next one it returns to the first track of the album. In Runeaudio 0.4, this is not the case. In Runeaudio 0,5 are quickly corrected. A year ago, the same problem was in Moodeaudio, now it is fixed. I really want this problem to be fixed in Volumio. It is very inconvenient to listen to an unfamiliar album when the name of the track hung.

I believe other users have reported similar problems too.
Hopefully a fix will happen.