Touchscreen timeout

Hi all,
I use Volumio with Pi3, Hifiberry DAC+ and Waveshare 7" touch display. Everything works fine,
but I would like to disable the screensaver so that the display is on all the time.
I tried a number of workarounds I found on the web, but nothing works and the screen goes
black after some minutes (and comes up if I touch the screen).
Today I updated the software.
Is there anybody who was able to switch off this screensaver?
Any help is highly appreciated, thanks in advance.


Bumping this as would also like to keep my screen on all the time (until I turn it off).

Any help would be appreciated.

Rpi3 (Digione hat) Volumio 2 with reused 10" laptop screen.


Note, this also removes the cursor, for that I installed unclutter

sudo apt-get install unclutter

then edited /opt/

Change line #1, replace "+dpms" by "-dpms" Change line #2, replace "blank" by "off" Remove line #3
then added the following line to the end of /etc/xdg/openbox/autostart

@unclutter -idle 0

Tested with a 1080p monitor (TV) connected to a RPI3 and a Pine64 and with an Odroid VU7 (similar to waveio) connected to an Odroid C2.

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Fantastic - worked like a charm!, thanks.

hope is there that it will be controlled by a plugin setting one day :wink:

Does this solution comply with the newly introduced system integration check during updates?

To me it looks as if just the folder “volumio” is checked with md5deep (line 260 in So guess (and hope) altering a file in /opt should be no problem.

Regarding unclutter: It is not needed. It suffices to open the file /lib/systemd/system/volumio-kiosk.service and append " – -nocursor" to the line “ExecStart=/usr/bin/startx /etc/X11/Xsession /opt/” so it looks like

ExecStart=/usr/bin/startx /etc/X11/Xsession /opt/ -- -nocursor

I myself prefer to copy /lib/systemd/system/volumio-kiosk.service to /etc/systemd/system/volumio-kiosk.service

cp -a /lib/systemd/system/volumio-kiosk.service /etc/systemd/system/volumio-kiosk.service

and alter the file in /etc/systemd/system/ which takes precendence over the same named file in /lib/systemd/system/. You can do this with nano or

sed -i -e 's/\/opt\/\/opt\/ -- -nocursor/g' /etc/systemd/system/volumio-kiosk.service

P.S. The touch display plugin on github has already been updated accordingly but unfortunately that version of the plugin is not available in the plugin manager of the UI.

Good to know, thank you very much for the explanation!