Touchscreen plugin : turn off backlight when not playing

I’m currently using volumio on a rpi3 with the official 7" touchscreen. It works well and I’m glad with it.
I have a suggestion : the touchscreen backlight is always on.
I think it should turn off after 15min (or another value) when volumio is not playing.
And then turn on when somebody touchs the screen or a music is played.

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It will be added in a next version of the plugin. By waiting you can replace in /opt/

xset +dmps xset s blank xset 0 0 30

Don’t know if this is still relevant for anyone, but was for me:

Balbuze’s code sample seems to have some misspell in it, instead this was working for me:

xset +dpms xset s blank xset dpms 0 0 120

Thanks!!! It works great. Tested in Volumio X86