Touchscreen Plugin - Request to wake on track change

Just succesfully installed Volumio on RPi4 with official touchscreen.
Love the functionality overall, just one thing I wanted to find out if it was simple to implement.
I’m mainly using the touchscreen for display purposes. Can it be made to wake up on track change from any client, so I can enjoy album art and info changing etc, rather than only by touching the screen?

Probably not quite what you’re looking for, but by setting the plugin option “No screensaver while playing” to “on” you can configure the display to stay on as long as Volumio is in playing state. Then the screensaver would only invoke after playback has been paused or stopped and the timeout you set has run down. The display will be lit again as soon as playback starts.

Thanks for the suggestion - I’ll check it out!

Thank you - that almost does what I’d like. Would it be possible to implement a “No screensaver while playing or track/info change” option? What’s the best way of supporting your development?
Edit - forget that - works just great. Thanks again!

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