Touchscreen for primo, shutting off

I have been using a Primo v2 for a while now and was wondering about two things:
Is it possible to use a touchscreen with the Primo? For example this one from Waveshare? This one has a HDMI input and a micro USB port for the touch part but I don’t know if touch works if you connect it to the USB 2.0 port on the right side of the primo. According to Weshare’s site, this display does not need drivers, that might help.

Something else, I would like to turn off my Primo completely after use. Through the software, I choose shutdown, and after this I turn off my external power supply (it’s called an on/off switch). Is it safe to do it this way? Can the primo withstand this?

I have a 24-inch touchscreen on my Rivo. I am sure I used it on the Primo several years ago.