Touchscreen Calibration: Raspberry Pi & Elecrow 5in Display

Hi all,
Long time listener, first time caller here. I recently received a Raspberry Pi and Elecrow 5inch display hdmi display as a gift.
I installed Volumio 2 with no issues except getting the touchscreen calibrated correctly. Apologies if if this is covered in another post, but I couldn’t quite find the right answer.

I followed some helpful instructions on this guy’s blog to calibrate it with the initial raspbian install:

After installing Volumio, I’m not sure how to install and run the xinput-calibrator app. Does anyone have experience with this that could offer some advice?

FWIW I’m looking for the same thing. Managed to get xinput-calibrator to work, but the calibration data seems to have no effect.

Using sudo evtest I could get the calibration values and added them to /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-evdev.conf but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Anyone have any ideas?


Anch’io ho lo stesso problema.
Ho installato un display 5" touch resistivo con interfaccia USB su Raspberry Pi3 con Volumio 2 e Touch plugin.
Tutto funziona ma il touch non è calibrato nelle zone esterne.
Ho provato vari sistemi tra cui ts_calibrate ma dopo aver installato Ftlib non sono riuscito ad avviare Ts_calibrate; mi dice sempre che non esiste il file.
Qualcuno ha idea di come si possa calibrare il touch con volumio 2?


Hey I have the same problem. Does anyone have a solution?