Touch screen only for display

Another silly question from me.
I want to have the 7’’ touch screen only for showing what is “Playing now”. No touch functionality necessary. I will still handle Volumio via the iPad.

Works for me, but mainly because the touch function on my rpi touchscreen is broken.

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Is it that you just don’t need the touchscreen, or does the touch functionality somehow interfere?

If if does not interfere just install everything as usual and leave as it is. If the touch functionality should bother and you have an official Raspberry Pi Touch Display, you could try adding


to your “/boot/userconfig.txt”. This option should disable the touchscreen on the official Raspberry Pi Display.

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I don’t need this touch functionality. I only want to have any kind of showing what the actual playing track is. More or less my wife wants to have it so that she not has to ask me too often :wink:

But that has nothing to do with touch function IMHO. :thinking:

That was my noob question :wink:
I was not aware if possibly the systems wants to be handled by the touchscreen if it finds one. But in between I am sure it will work as i want. Thank you.

What is about the HDMI out of the Pi4 connected to a TV. Will it show the Volumio screen?

Yes, use HDMI0 (next to the USB port).

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