Touch Screen and Roon Bridge

Volumio Information

Volumio Version :2.882
Hardware: RPi3b + Pie2AES
DAC: Schiit Yggy

Hi All,

I recently swapped from a Pi 4 to a Pi3b - I think I corrupted my pi 4. I have a replacement on the way…

That said, when I did this, installed the touch display and roon endpoint plugins, I no longer see cover art or control what is playing on my touch screen. Is this a limitation of the Pi 3? I swear that this worked with my Pi 4. When I use Tidal Connect or the Volumio interface the cover art works fine but not when I use roon…

Any ideas?


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Does anyone respond to help request on these forums from the Volumio team? I am a subscriber and I cannot get any help? Is this normal?

Correct way would be to direct your request to info(at)volumio(dot)org
100% sure you will get an answer there.