Touch Display: Xava Spectrum/VU-Meter as Screensaver

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.799
Hardware: RPi4/4GB
DAC: HifiBerry DAC Plus ADC

I’m using a 7Inch Touchscreen with the “Touch Display” Plugin.
I found this: Xava - Spectrum
Xava is a Fork from Cava wich is a tool to generate (and display) a spectrum from the System Audio.
I managed to get Cava on an Oled running: Oled-CAVA

And now I’m wondering if it is possible to set Xava as a “ScreenSaver”.
It uses X(11) to display the spectrum.
But i have no clue how to set an “application” as screensaver.
I#ve found some manual here in the forum, which explain how to set a “Dia-Show” as screensaver…
But i was not able to transfer the knowledge to this topic…

Maybe anyone else has an idea and can help me?

Best wishes :wink: