Touch Display plugin not working after update to 3.661

After updating to 3.661 the Touch Display is “strange”. Header and footer are missing in “classic” mode and in “modern” the lower part of the screen is cut off. Manifest seems to work i think, but i prefer classic mode.
Can someone confirm?

Edit: Version 3.611 has worked, 3.661 seems broken. No start and play button.
Screenshot added:

same here classic,contemporary and manifest seems to be screwed up…@volumio
touch display plugin seems to work oke.

Any update? :thinking:

nope… not even a responce



We are trying to replicate the issue with no avail.

Is it possible that some of you manage to open the chrome (the kiosk browser) console and report if there is any error in the console?


tell me how and i will try…

In the meantime, I have connected a keyboard and deleted the browser cache. However, this did not work. It is also interesting that this problem only occurs locally (on the touchscreen), but not remotely with another browser. Looks like something is blocked locally or something like that.
How to open browser console?

please try to enable test mode and update to v3.669

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oke i will do is it already final or still beta?

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still beta, but pretty safe to update

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oke gonna enable it in dev to update to it.

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Uhhh, looks not bad! :star_struck: I think it is fixed. :+1:

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part of it :slight_smile: still don’t see the left menu…

go to settings and press the X it goes to profiles … nice touch but not handy :slight_smile: (classic)

but bottom part is back :slight_smile: yesss :slight_smile:

Is something missing? I have done only a short test with classic UI.
Edit: What UI do you use? Modern? Classic looks ok i think.

My kids reported the bug as fixed :+1::sunglasses:

Hi, same issue here. In the meanwhile the recommended beta Update 3.669 is no more available. I see v3.676. Can I use this release?

Beste Grüße

yes, but it’s still a beta release, so things might fail

Thanks for the superquick answer … so - let’s go …

done, looks good - for me, there are no issues …
Thanks again