Touch display plugin fails to work after few days, after upgrade to Volumio v3.429


Since I updated a few days ago my volumio from V3.4xx to volumio v3.429.
The touch plugin fails to work after a few days. When toggling off and on the plugin. It seems that the Volumio app crashes and restarts (hearing the startup sound).
I installed the plugin version 3.3.5 (did not test yet with the 3.3.1 yet)

Uninstalling en re-installing the plugin + reboot solves the issue temporarily.

Hardware is RPi3+ with 7" official touch display, no DAC or other hardware.
32GB SD Card with no local files on it (mp3 or other)



Please connect to Volumio via SSH and check disk space with

df -h

Please post the result.


Yes, after some search before posting. I checked that.The overlay system was 26G and was also used as 26G, no space left.
Currently it’s back ok after just re-installing the touch plugin. Currently testing with 3.3.1. If it will fill again this partition.
But in the cases mentioned before, the case was that the partition did not automatically expand as expected. This was here not the case, as the folder/partition was already on it’s max size.

It seems that after update to latest version, the plugin seems to fill the overlay until it’s full. And then fails to continue working.


Some days ago I updated Volumio 3.423 to 3.429. The Touch Display plugin was already installed at that time. The system is running on a Pi 4 (2GB) with 7" official touch display, 32GB SD card. I did not encounter the issue of filling the partition (yet).

Please post the result of

chromium-browser -version

Do you have any other additional software than the Touch Display plugin installed?


In case overlay should run out of space again, it could be interesting to see the result of

df -h

after uninstalling the Touch Display plugin.

Yes, I did the same. plugin was already installed. Few days after update the problems began.
Uninstalled and re-installed plugin. Back ok. And yesterday got the same issue again.
Now running touch plugin 3.3.1 instead of 3.3.5
Overlay currently running around 1 - 1,5G. So far so good…

Chromium 92.0.4515.98 Built on Raspbian , running on Raspbian 10
No additional software installed. 3 plugins installed: Spotify, Touch Display plugin and Radio Paradise.

Same version here.

I suggest to find out the current disk usage of “/data/volumiokiosk” by running

du /data/volumiokiosk -h

and repeat this after a few hours or days to see if and how much the disk space usage increases over time.