touch Display config.txt

I am running Volumio on a Pi3b/HiFiBerry MiniAmP with a 7" touch display. For dsiplay calibration 3 lines have to added to /boot/config.txt:
hdmi_cvt 1024 600 60 3 0 0 0

Trouble is that after each version update (present version 2.671) these

For the moment you have to modify /boot/config.txt each time after the system has been updated. But in the future there should be a solution by using a file called userconfig.txt which will not be touched by system updates. For some more info have a look at and The PR with the necessary changes has already been merged. Maybe @michelangelo can give some hint when it will make it into a release :wink:

Issue should be solved with version 2.673 which introduces /boot/userconfig.txt. Now you may add your configuration to this file instead of /boot/config.txt. :slight_smile:

When we merge the docs should automatically update… Will check why it has not

Just had a look at the docs: They still have not received an update :wink: