Tool to extract multiple SACD iso files (Windows)

Since I couldn’t be able to compile successfully a MPD version with SACD iso support in Volumio I’ve made a tool to extract multiple iso files and put the result in a determined output folder.
My tool run on windows and is only a simple wrapper for the real tool “sacd_extract.exe” which works by command line.

As you can see, it has a GUI but you have to process only one iso file each time.
Since I have a folder which contains multiple folders with its iso file I needed to process all files while I do other things.

How my tool Works:

  1. You define the source folder which contains the subfolder with the iso files and the output folder where the extracted dsf files will be placed.

2)Run the analyzer to display the iso files found and to select the ones you want to extract

3)Convert (or extract) the files. The app will process all the selected files.

There’s a app.config file where you can define if images (cover.jpg, folder.jpg, etc) should be copied to the output folder.


You can download the source and the executable from here:

.Net 6 Desktop Runtime:

Feel free to modify or enhance the tool.

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When I click on your download link, it takes me to my own OneDrive webpage, not yours. Have you enabled a share or am I doing this incorrectly?

just tested the downloads they work normal.
i would advice to logout of your account.

I figured out. I used a right click over the filename to open the link in a new tab. That worked. Double clicking took me back to my own page, even after I signed out.

I’ve updated the instructions to setup and run the executable.

How do you get the SACD ISO files? I have a lot of SACD’s that I would love to be able to play via Volumio. Thanks.

It’s complicated. There’re several methods but at the end you need a drive which has to be able to read a SACD. You can use a specific version of PS2 with never updated firmware (google it for more details). But this seems to be a nice option (see the video description):
https :// watch?v=QCmV2aPHQSo

Does anyone know, why volumio doesn’t support ISO SACD files?

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