Too many issues with Volumio 3

Agree mate, simplicity is good for sure. Not sure what to suggest as I got active Yamaha monitors so don’t need to worry about and amp. Matching gear for passive speakers is a bit harder. John Darko Audio (on YouTube is a good place to search for gear etc). It’s Also good how he is 60% about the music enjoyment and 40% about the gear/Tech

Thanks for the info. Maybe I will look at active speakers for my new setup. In the meantime I’ll take a look at John Darko.

I know we’ve wandered off topic a bit, but I began this one with talking about my problems with not being able to get Volumio3 to install/run on my hardware. Anyway, I have now installed it and got it running. The issue was caused because had downloaded the wrong version in the first place - download for Windows and not download for Pi. How silly is that! Anyway, up and running now. Thanks for your help and sorry for wasting your time on this issue.
I have some odd issues with V3 but will start a new topic.

Thanks again all.

It was driving me crazy, unwanted disconnects, no library, unresponsiveness, reinstalls needed, no fun whatsoever. I was ready for other software. Worst release ever this v3. Decided one last try a week ago, latest version seems stable, but it’s my last try. I came from payed v2. Now free v3. Raspberry Pi zero with AlloBoss DAC top hat.

My 2 cents : pi zero is really not optimal for volumio.
It works, but it’s slow and limited by wireless connectivity.
If you can, get a pi 4. It’s night and day compared to pi zero and you will have a flawless experience with volumio.

Your post gave me the idea of writing a simple 10 points guide on how to get the best of Volumio:

Nice! But it should just work without extra effort?
And Pi zero no longer a good option :disappointed:

I think we went off topic a bit. I don’t have a Pi Zero. I use a Pi 3B - have done on V2 for a few years now. It’s issues with V3 that I have.

Can’t connect USB DAC on ESS ES9068AS chip. Volumio 3 on RPi4b. Please tell me or give a link where there is a description

if you want to save some money, have a small device and obtain decent performance with Volumio, I can recommend the RPi0-2, the new model with quad-core processor

the original RPi0 with single-core processor is a bottleneck for a good Volumio experience, it is really on the edge.

Another trick is to use a original SD-card from the most known brands, at least class10 (even better if Class A1). A crappy SD-card can be another bottleneck for a good Volumio experience

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