Too long to start, vu meter doe not reflect the volume level

I have installed the plugin, everything looks to work.
Q1 : Why it is so long to display the vumeter after volumio strated ? I takes 5mn
Q2: The level displayed on the vumeter is as the volume was at 100% even the volume is at 10%. The arrow position does not reflect the volume.

Any solution ?


A1: You can set the timer in settings.

A2: Peppy is running on the audio level, not on the volume level

Ok so when we have volume control activated (soft or hard) we should have the possibility, in the set up, to choose what level we want to use, this would be more acurate. Is that make sense ?


Imho it’s not possible.
Volume control is done at the end of the Alsa pipeline for software volume and directly in the dac for HW control.

ok I see, thanks a lot

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