Tõnu Raadik - Kadunud Maailma Teedele

Recently I dug out and listened Tõnu’s album “Kadunud Maailma Teedele”. It is very nice album by Estonian singer, composer, producer and violinist Tõnu Raadik. Story behind, why I dug it out, is actually very sad. Don’t get me wrong, I really like this album, I haven’t listened it more often because there is just too much music to listen and things tend to get lost into collection.

Now about this sad story. Tõnu Raadik recently visited Mexico. During his visit to Mexico he suddenly suffered serious health issues related to heart. He needed urgently heart surgery. Of course he had health and travel insurance policies and these kind of serious and urgent issues were declared to be covered by insurance company. But really bad thing happened at critical moment, insurance company told that no, these kind of health issues are not covered. Fortunately there were a lot of good people who helped out Tõnu and his family. After that insurance company told that they will cover these kind of health issues. But imagine how this insurance company actually lost their prestige and trust. They decided to cover urgent issue after many good people had already donated to help. What a shame.

This album may be very interesting for those who search all kinds of non-mainstream exotic music from different countries, especially audiophile quality albums. How many of us and how often we steer away from mainstream road? I bet not very often :smiley: Music itself is not very exotic, it is mix of pop, jazz, bossa-nova and mood music but texts are sung in estonian language and it may sound exotic. Yet Tõnu adds his own twist to all his music. In general Tõnu Raadik is only one of these few estonians who are able to and willing to produce audiophile quality recordings. His own albums are great, also he has recorded numerous other artists. Most of Tõnu produced recordings are well respected in estonian audiophile community. Believe me, in Estonia we have serious deficit of good recordings and recording engineers! On this album he make music together with some of best estonian singers and instrumentalists. Sound-wise it is very good to listen with headphones or with speakers. There is no evidence of loudness war and compression. In future I may cover some other good albums produced by Tõnu Raadik. Musically “Kadunud Maailma Teedele” contains a lot of variety. One of Tõnu’s nice trick is to bring in and mix a lot of different timbres and instruments, yet he somehow maintains well balanced orchestration.

Originally it was released in 2003, sadly CD is out of print, but at least FLAC files can be purchased from Tidal store, maybe it is also available on Spotify and Qobuz. If not, Tidal store should work for most, at least I hope so. For reference and further research here is Discogs album page - Tõnu Raadik - Kadunud Maailma Teedele | Releases | Discogs

Tidal store - https://store.tidal.com/ee/album/173140068

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