Tired of Resetting but I can't open v2 anyway

I have pi3 and v2 and i2s dac and Audioquest jitterbug and wifi dongle from my c1+ days. Power cable is Anker powerline and sometimes I use an Anker 10000 mah battery too

I am using pi setup in a remote room a little bit far (like 5-6 meters and 4 walls) from the modem that spreads the network that my pi is connected to. I generally make it run here in this room.

Though it happened before now I am tired and pissed off of trying. Tried almost every combination before re-running pi but v2 refuses to boot (I can tell from lack of the subtle boot up sound). But it was running this morning! But for some unknown reason it fails to boot. I can’t connect to volumio.local or its IP number.

Please tell me my mistake. Might it simply be because of the wifi coverage?

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