Tipps please: How to show on a mini display "non Volumio releated" info under Volumio?


So my plan is to buy some mini display panel, like this one (it’s just an example) to attach it to the Pi3B+. And while the system installed and used is Volumio, I rather want the display to show informations like “local temperature”, “local time” and “local date” and maybe some other general infos. Is there a way to achieve this somehow?

Thank you!

It’s possible, but you need to program it yourself.
Make sure that there are libraries available in C++ or python, to drive the display.

You can also opt for a LCD and install the “now playing” plugin. This shows Clock and Weather when the unit is idle.

Ok, I had the idea, that I must do some ind-depth tweaking to make this. But can you or someone here give me some more detailed information or guide regarding, to “what and how”? I’m not so much experienced in Linux, neither in C++ or Python “programming” and system tweaking, but with detailed enough information, I guess I could make it somehow, if it’s possible.

The “Now Playing” plugin solution would be just a half way around for me, as I want these infos to show even when Volumio is busy, so like even during playback constantly.


Difficult to give pointers without hardware.
There are many examples on internet to get you going.

By “hardware” you meant the display i guess? Well that’s the another big question. Size like I guess max. 3 inch would be enough. But still unsure regarding the exact “type” of the display screen. This e-ink type looked the most catchy so far, as it can display 3 colors (for me it would be just enough) and with very smooth line edges. But some color LCD could be also an option if it has enough resolution to show the content smooth enough and can be easily read even in bright environment. But I guess I would have to open another Topic for this case especially, for possible and exact model advises…