Tipps/Guidlines to get faster help

Some tipps/guidlines to get faster help:

1. Search: Use the search or look to the FAQ (http://volumio.org/forum/faq-and-the-answers-for-t1545.html)

2. Topic Titel: point out the problem
good: wlan problem TP-Link TL-WN725N

3. Informations: give some infos, device and volumio version should always be mentioned
good: My Device: Raspberry Pi B Volumio version: 1.4 …
bad: my volumio is not working. Help! …

4. Manners: be polite, and stay it, maybe you need to wait a little bit before you get help but remember that we all have a life, work …

Response: If you found a solution post it so others can solve there problems too.

mind this tipps and you will get faster help (maybe :wink: )