Tiny little albums with NFC tags

I love this. Anyone try something similar with Volumio? I can imagine a stack of little pictures of my favorite albums, and I just place one on a stand when I want to play it, then Volumio grabs it from my library and starts playing.

Vinyl emulator project

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Amazing project!
What do you think into crafting a volumio plugin to do that ?

I’ve got a music player which does something similar to this using the Phoniebox software and RFID cards - you can see the code at http://phoniebox.de/index-en.html

I built mine to call music from a local hard drive, and built a case out of lego to keep all the components in, wired up a series of buttons and an LCD display, and hooked it up to some good quality active speakers through a sound card. The benefit of local music means it works even if internet is out, I can control which albums I’m putting on there, and also the quality. So a lot of 24/96 flac albums, or specific releases.

The software just plays whatever is in the assigned folder so I can even change the contents of the folder without having to reassign cards. It can call internet radio, and you can locally specify which folders to play in shuffle mode (great for mixes), which will resume playback (great for audiobooks), or add tracks onto mix tapes and have them just play the next available tracks without a lot of metadata changes.

It’s pretty awesome - initially designed for my four year old daughter with all my ripped CDs and downloaded albums, but has become a big part of the family’s music experiences. I print labels and stick them onto RFID cards, colour coding them with sticky dots for different genres.

Photo below!