(Tinkerboard S) Can't play music from micro SD card


Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 3.179
Hardware: Asus Tinkderboard
DAC: Topping Dx7 pro

Debug Log


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Install Volumio 3 at the built-in emmc of Tinkerboard S
  2. Insert micro SD card containg only music files into Tinkerboard S
  3. Boot Volumio, scan every place (internal+ usb), and find nothing

Additional Information

  1. However, in settings> system> install to disk, the SD card is identified by Volumio, since it showed the correct capacity of the 2 micro SD card I tested
  2. When I inserted the micro SD via an adapter to a USB slot, the files can be found and played normally
  3. This (play music files from micro SD) works in previous 2.8xx versions

This actually works as designed, an SD card is (currently) not intended to be mounted as “external storage” device. This is only done for external USB devices. This is not a Tinkerboard issue, this behavior is the same on all devices (inkl. RPi, x86 and community supported ones).
I will use this for an internal discussion for improved storage selection for indexing music.
No promises though :wink:

Thank you gkkpch,
I agree that may be the case for most SBCs who doesn’t have built in storage as Tinkerboard S does, but I beleive Tinkerboard users tend to install the OS at onboard emmc to avoid extra cables/ memory sticks on their machines. So it’d be really nice if Volumio can recognize micro SD card as music storage.

Here’s some additional info: When I perform scan or update in settings> source, I couldn’t find any music even under “internal” tab. After reverting to V2.909, the music files on SD card appears under USB tab and works perfectly.

We have plenty of devices with built-in eMMC or removable eMMC devices, like three Khadas VIMs, five Odroids, 3 Pine64 boards and a Rock64.
The RPi is currently one of the few which don’t have it (CM4 as an exception), all behave the same way.

Automounting an SD is not something that can be added just now, Volumio 3 works a little different from Volumio 2.
But it could be considered in an overall different way of selecting storage for music (ideally like the way you add a network share). There have been some discussions in that direction, but there is nowhere near a plan yet.

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This would have been really helpful to know before installing Volumio 3, as the previous version worked fine. I would encourage you to put some sort of disclaimer in the installation instructions so folks know upfront.