Tinkerboard + Raspberry Pi 7" Touch Panel: touch not working

I bought myself Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and an original 7" touch panel some weeks ago.
I installed Volumio 2.389 and connected it to my RME ADI 2 Pro DAC via USB.

I was quite happy with Volumio. Its really a great player.

Unfortunately I noticed clicking noise when using the GUI.
I also experienced problems in form of short dropouts/distortion when playing HiRes files, especially DSD files over the LAN connection.

Based on various posts in the forum blaming these problems on the Pi Hardware architecture (LAN via USB) I switch to an Asus Tinkerboard
and installed Volumio 2.387:

Regarding sound quality I am happy now. No distortion, no clicking.
But there is one problem I could not solve up to now:

While the Pi touch panel is showing the GUI, touch functionality does not work.
The touch input device seems to be somehow recognized by the kernel (there are some ft5406 messages), but is not installed as an input-device.

I tried the latest version of Tinker OS

dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/Lin … .5.img.zip

Touch Input works perfectly. Kernel log messages for ft5406 are similar, but there is an input device in /devices/platform.

Any ideas, how this problem could be fixed?

We are currently working on a number of improvements, based on the same kernel as Tinker OS.
No release date yet, so don’t ask :unamused:

Good to know that somebody is working on it.

In the meantime I tried to track down the problem by comparing various log files of Tinker OS and Volumio.
The problem does not seem to caused by the kernel driver, but the X server.
On Tinker OS the Pi Touch is handled by libinput and not by evdev.
Unfortunately libinput is not available on Volumio, because of the ancient version X used (2014, if the file creation are correct).
According to https://www.reddit.com/r/archlinux/comments/48tqj9/difference_between_libinput_and_evdev/ libinput is newer and better for touch devices.
So it would be good to have libinput support on Volumio, too.

This brings me to my next remark/question:
I think Volumio is really a great Audio Player distribution, so to say. Development was probably initially started with special DACs hardware in mind, which requires customized kernels and drivers and requires a very conservative approach regarding updates in order not to break anything.
Nowadays, USB DACs are becoming more and more powerful. They are working out of the box on most platform and Linux-like operating system, at least my RME ADI-2 Pro does.
My personal reason for trying Volumio was just to have a dedicated player/transport feeding into the USB DAC instead of a regular computer or laptop.
This does not require a special kernel or drivers. Any reasonably up to date fashion of Linux, Raspian, Tinker OS or whatever would do, if it just had the Volumio’s GUI on top of it and recent versions of mpd, alsa, …
Did the Volumio team ever think about separately providing the GUI, e.g. in form of package archives (PPAs) for the above mentioned distributions or images composed from these distributions without any hardware-related patches, just up to data audio software (mpd, …)?
Users with standardized hardware (USB) could benefit from a more recent systems and better support for other than audio hardware.

I would be willing to help, but need to study Volumio more deeply first …


Did you manage to get the result with these components?
I have the same problem.
It is likely that the 5.x.x kernel (Support of Raspberry Pi Touchscreen in the main kernel) kernel will appear in this wonderful sound software not soon.


Any news on this topic? I’m also would like to use tinker board with the 7" touchscreen because it is way faster to boot than the rPI.