Tinkerboard and AmpSwitch

Hi dudes, :smiley:
Is it possible to Use the Amp Switch plugin with the tinkerboard :question: after installing the plugin, My tinkerboard doesnt load the WebUI :cry:

Best regards

And Kodi doesnt Works Too :cry:

Volumio does not contain Kodi. It is a bit difficult to guess what your problem might be, songive us a chance and tell us a bit more about your configuration. Straight install or any manual additions?

I have downloaded Your volumio img and copy This on the micro SD card. Put it in the tinkerboard an Start it. I follow the instructions at the start and mount my nas. Then I have installed the Amp switch plugin, customized it and reboot but it doesn’t work.
Same thing with kodi. Plugin installed succesfully. After a reboot I want to activate the kodi plugin but on display is nothing.
With a raspberry pi the switch plugin works wonderful until I set the phat dac. After that, the relais shows no reaction.
But I want to use a tinkerboard :frowning:

Okay. I managed everything with the raspberry. Everything is going great. But what about the tinkerboard. Can you get it all there?

I wrote the Kodi plugin and I don’t think I can get it to work on a tinkerboard, unless you can provide a repo for the packages.
Even then, I won’t be able to test it, so it will basically be a trial-and-error situation.

I know that you are the producer of this plugin. And it is very great to use kodi and volumio at same time. Thank you so much for that :slight_smile:

In this video a user has kodi / libreelec on a tinkerboard