Tinker board spdif: no sound


i got an Asus Tinker board to replace my Rpi3.
I’m running Volumio 2.349.
I soldered the two pins to the spdif/pwm and connected an RCA plug.
In the output settings in Volumio, i chose plain spdif.
The RCA is connected to a pair of active speakers with coax spdif input.

I connected the cables of the RCA plug to spdif and pwm, but no sound at all,
i also tried data to spdif and ground to one of the GPIO ground pins, but also no sound.
(I followed this thread: https://tinkerboarding.co.uk/forum/archive/index.php/thread-893.html)

Did i miss something ? Will this work at all ?

Thanks for any help!

Regards, Jever

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I wanted to report that I tested the latest Volumio and SPDIF is working on the tinkerboard. Make sure you use a true ground off the GPIO header. The PWM is not a ground unlike what is reported in that thread.

If the S/PDIF can output via audio jack, that is totally two different type connector at HW.And as our spec, we not said we have S/PDIF at audio jack, we just provide the S/PDIF contact point.May we know is where or have wrong spec to let you confused and misunderstanding? Showbox Vidmate Mobdro

As ServError has already mentioned, the S/PDIF contact point between the Ethernet port and USB ports works. The S/PDIF contact point is the one closes to the edge. For the ground I’m using pin 40 on the GPIO header. I’m not using Toslink, I went with the COAX (RCA). Here is the COAX connector I installed. amazon.com/gp/product/B01J9 … UTF8&psc=1