Tinker Board S VFD not working

I have a great working Tinker Board with a VFD display and pydPiper.
I have a second Tinker Board S with EMMC, so I started Volumio and the VFD does not work. i2cdetect -y 4 (on Tinker Board VFD only works with i2c4), it shows addresses 4F and 50.
On Tinker Board, where VFD works, i2cdetect -y 4 also shows the correct address 27.
If I run Tinker OS on Tinker Board S, i2cdetect-y 4 shows me the correct address 27.

What is it about?
Why does it work on Tinker Board but not on Tinker Board S?
Why does it show different addresses on Tinker Borad and Tinker Board S…
I tried with different versions of Volumio.